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The world of social media can be overwhelming. There are so many directions to chase and new sites popping up. But finding a strategy that works for your business is possible and can be a lot of fun. On this site, you will find posts and resources to help you be effective and get the word out about your website or product!

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How to Find and Get Invited to Pinterest Group Boards

One of the best uses of your time in Pinterest marketing is to spend one hour joining group boards. Here's how to find and get invited to Pinterest group boards: Start with Pingroupie -1- Visit Either choose a Category from the dropdown or type a keyword into the Description field and click Filter. Remember to use a keyword that would might be used in [...]

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The Dumb Reason You Might Not Get Invited to Pinterest Group Boards

Are you frustrated that you have been requesting invites to collaborate on Pinterest group boards and you haven't received any invites? If you've already considered the normal reasons (board owners are busy, it may take a few weeks, the board may be full, your profile subject may not fit what they are looking for), you may want to consider a few other factors. I was rece [...]

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How to Specify Featured Images for Facebook on your Blog Posts

Have you ever posted a link on Facebook to one of your best blog posts, only for it to show one of the random images from your blog post instead of the perfectly-formatted image you created specifically for Facebook? Or maybe you just want to make sure that the correct image is used as the thumbnail for your blog posts on your homepage or archive page. How do you spe [...]

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Easy Tricks to use Google Analytics UTM Codes for tracking Promoted Pins by Keyword Group

Do you want to know which keywords are working best for your Pinterest Promoted Pins? Are you trying to figure out how to combine Google Analytics and Pinterest? We have the answer. The instructions/video below will show you how to create Google Analytics UTM Codes and add them to your Promoted Pin. This method won't tell you exactly which keyword is converting best for [...]

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