The Dumb Reason You Might Not Get Invited to Pinterest Group Boards

The dumb reason you might not get invited to Pinterest Group Boards

Are you frustrated that you have been requesting invites to collaborate on Pinterest group boards and you haven’t received any invites? If you’ve already considered the normal reasons (board owners are busy, it may take a few weeks, the board may be full, your profile subject may not fit what they are looking for), you may want to consider a few other factors.

I was recently inviting people to a Pinterest group board and I noticed a few things:

1. Punctuation and special characters ( ! % 🙂 <3 # $ – )  in your profile name might be preventing people from inviting you to a Pinterest group board.

When I was copy/pasting profile names into the group board invite box, I started noticing that the profiles with punctuation or emojis in them did not pull up results.

Difficult Pinterest Profile Name

Difficult Pinterest Profile Names 2

Often people had profiles like “Katie Mc | Social Media Marketing Center” or ” ***Katie Mc – Social Media Marketing Center*** ” and invariably I wouldn’t get a result when I did a search for those profiles in the invite section.

Granted, there were often ways around this, like to completely erase the name and start typing it again with no special characters, but frankly most people don’t have time for this and just skip that person.

Hopefully Pinterest will fix this problem, but in the meantime I took punctuation out of my profile name. Dumb but true.

>ACTION STEP: Remove unnecessary punctuation from your profile name.

2. Having the same name as someone else makes it confusing to invite you to a Pinterest group board.

Another problem I ran into when inviting people to my group board was when someone had the exact same name as another Pinterest user (or multiple other Pinterest users!). I didn’t have the little profile pics memorized and it was a pain to go back and try to figure out which was the right one.

And sometimes, if there were more than 3-4 of the same name, the person wouldn’t even pull up at all. I suggest adding some information to your profile name to make you unique (Jane Doe at Cool Knit Stuff rather than just Jane Doe).

>ACTION STEP: Make your profile name totally unique.

Pinterest Group Board Invite Box

3. It’s hard to find you if you haven’t provided the group board owner your unique Pinterest username/URL or your Pinterest email address.

Whenever I ask to be invited to a group board, I give them my Pinterest URL ( and the email address for my Pinterest account. That’s because my Pinterest username katiemc001 (which is also found in the URL or website address) will pull up my exact account, whereas my Pinterest profile name (Katie Mc at Social Media Marketing Center) might create some confusion between other Katie Mc’s.

Also, you can invite people to group boards using their Pinterest email address, so that’s another good one to provide.

I had someone write to me and ask me to invite them and they provided their Profile Name and external website address, but believe it or not it took some hunting on my part to invite her because her Profile Name wasn’t unique and her website didn’t link to her Pinterest profile. Board Owners who get hundreds of requests won’t have the time to figure it out.

>ACTION STEP: Send your Pinterest username and email address (not password!) when asking to be added to a group board.

Do you know any other reasons that prevent people from getting invited to collaborate in group boards? Comment below!

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