How to Find and Get Invited to Pinterest Group Boards

How to find and get invited to Pinterest group boards
One of the best uses of your time in Pinterest marketing is to spend one hour joining group boards. Here’s how to find and get invited to Pinterest group boards:

Start with Pingroupie

-1- Visit

Either choose a Category from the dropdown or type a keyword into the Description field and click Filter. Remember to use a keyword that would might be used in a board title or description.Pingroupie Category Description

Hint: You could focus on boards that have collaborators similar to you or similar to your customers. For instance, let’s say you sell embroidered hand towels. First, you could try to join boards that sell items similar to yours to try to boost your SEO…boards with keywords like linens or embroidery or handmade.

But maybe you’ve found that BnB’s like to buy your embroidered towels for their bathrooms. Why not try joining a few BnB boards? The board owners may not let you since you’re not a BnB yourself, but you could always try. If you do join a board that is outside your area of expertise, try to post pins to that board that makes sense to that audience. How about an pin titled “Why BnB Guests Love Fancy Towels”?

-2- To narrow your search further, filter PinGroupie by “Repin.”

Finding a board with thousands of followers but 20 repins won’t do you much good, because that tells you that the board isn’t very active and there is not much chance of your pin being repinned. I often stop there, but a second step is to divide the repin rate by the number of followers to find the best engagement rate. (That’s a trick I learned from
pingroupie order by repins

-3- As final sweep before contacting group board owners, take a look at the number of collaborators.

If they only have a few collaborators, I worry that it is a board of just friends or a work team who probably won’t be accepting random requests to join. It never hurts to ask, but you probably don’t have all the time in the world, so you may want to start with boards that have at least 20-30 collaborators. At the same time, if a board has 10’s of thousands of followers, your pins may get lost in the shuffle. Use your judgement for what is right for you.
pingroupie collaborators

Ask to be Added to Your First Boards

Once you have found a few boards, you will need to ask their owners (or another member) to add you.

-1- First, make sure to follow the board and the board owner.

Pinterest doesn’t let you add someone to a board unless they are following both (except sometimes you can…I dunno, Pinterest is weird). The board owner is usually the first person listed as a board member. You can also see who owns the board in the URL (web address)

-2- Look to see if there are any instructions on how to become a contributor to the board.

Many boards don’t have this listed, but it is always nice if they do. If so, follow the instructions. (You know, I wrote that as sort of a throwaway sentence, but I’ll say it again: Follow the instructions. You’d be surprised how many people don’t.)

If not, you can try messaging the board owner or leaving a comment on one of the board owner’s pins. To message the board owner, search for their name or *better yet their Pinterest Profile name* in the message name box.To find their Pinterest Profile name, look up at the address bar when you are on their Profile page (it also shows up as the first part of the web address/URL within the board URL).
Pinterest group board gift ideas


Pinterest message group board
Pinterest message group board
-3- Make sure you aren’t doing any of the random things that make it hard for board owners to invite you to a board.

Check out my article on these small mistakes here: The Dumb Reason You May Not Be Getting Invited to Pinterest Group Boards

-4- This is where the waiting starts.

Many board owners are inundated with requests and it is often not first on their priority list. Don’t be surprised if board invitations trickle in over days, weeks, and months. After a few weeks, if you haven’t heard back, you could consider a polite follow-up request.

-5- Once you have been added, make sure to note the rules (if there are any).

Some boards have a daily pin limit. Other boards have specific content rule. One way I keep track is by using Tailwind Board Lists.

Tailwind Board Lists
In the Board Lists, you can chunk boards together under Board List name and post to them all at once. This is helpful to (1) pin faster, but also to (2) keep track of rules and regs. For instance, you could put all the boards that only allow pinning about a particular subject into one Board List to make sure that you only pin the correct pins there.

Or you could put all your boards that only allow 1 pin per day into a particular Board List so that you won’t mistakenly pin to them again.But remember, just because your boards are within a list doesn’t mean that they won’t still show up individually on your Tailwind scheduling, so make sure not to pin both directly to the board and then on the board through the Board List. Once you come up with a process, it is pretty easy.

Do Some Detective Work

Pingroupie is great, but there are more group boards to be found.

How? Be a stalker. Find a few people who are similar to you (have similar products, audiences, etc.) and look through their accounts to see what boards they are on. Then just go to those boards and follow the process above to get invited!

How do you find these people in the first place?

Well, if you don’t already know some of them, you can start back at the beginning, with Pingroupie. If you have found some boards that seem great but aren’t accepting any new contributors, stalk some of the contributors to see what other boards they are on.

You may need to be a real detective by going a few levels deep (go through a few boards and a few Pinners), but eventually you will probably find one or two Pinners who are part of a goldmine of boards that you can request access to.

And the good news is, when it rains, it pours.

Once you have gotten invited to a few boards, you will probably get invited to a few more, especially if you prove to be a good member. When Pinners are starting new boards, they often invite existing board contributors to join, and they also look at some of the most active members. So the work you put into the invitations in the beginning will help you along the way!

What are some ways that you’ve gotten invited to Pinterest group boards? Comment below!

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